É com orgulho que o PEZ CLUBE PORTUGAL coloca aqui algumas respostas, de um pequeno inquérito a um coleccionador PEZ americano - Markus Pezhead

It is with pride that the PEZ CLUBE PORTUGAL put some answers here, from a small inquiry of one american PEZ collectors -  Markus Pezhead

PEZ Baseball Glove 60's

How start your collection, from what age and what is the first PEZ dispenser in your collection?
I started collecting when i was 14. Because i had some dispensers from my childhood. The first i can remember was taz with body parts of robin hood.

How many years collect PEZ?
I collect since 2010. (2 years)

How many PEZ Dispensers have in the collection?
I didn't count them, but more than 1500 i think.

You collects only PEZ Dispensers or all products of PEZ Candy Inc.?
Particularly i collect only dispensers, but i have some other stuff, which i got for free.

What PEZ Dispenser is the favourite of your collection?
Baseball glove.

You have a maximum value of money to give for a PEZ?
I only buy dispensers up to 50€, because i go to school and so i don't have much money. The baseball glove i got for a trade, casper as a present, and jiminy cricket was the most expensive i bought for 100€, but he is the one and only over 50€.

Where you buy PEZ?
buy on ebay, conventions, and in stores.

What PEZ dispenser that does not exist and that you want PEZ Candy Inc, to manufacture one day?
Family guy or southpark, soccer teams.

Can you spend a day without thinking about PEZ?
No, i'm every day on the internet, to look for pez, and i'm often in my pez room.

What advice would give a new PEZ collector?
Buy the more common pez dispensers in a lot for cheap.

In addition to PEZ, collect anything else? What?
Don't collect anything else.

Thanks Markus! :-)

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