Dentro dos dispensadores PEZ Pals e tal como já referido em outros posts, existem diversas variações de detalhes, as quais fazem as delícias de coleccionadores PEZ que mantém estas antigas séries, como a favorita de sempre. Deixamos aqui as fotos e descrição integral de Ryan Buehler, acerca de alguns Pals... hoje o "Doctor"!

By Ryan Buehler


Let's explore some of the differences between the accessories of the USA Doctor Pals and the Austria/Yugoslavia Doctor Pals. These are the 3 most commonly found Doctor Pals and if you own one, it is most likely made in one of these 3 countries. This will cover the accessories, we can do stems/heads in another post since they apply to all the Pals and not just Doctors :).

Moustache: No differences to my knowledge.

Hair: No differences to my knowledge. However, note that 3.9 Patent Austria Doctors were known to come without hair!

Stethoscope: Austria/Yugoslavia stethoscopes have shorter pegs that attach to the neck hole while USA stethoscopes pegs are much longer. Austria/Yugoslavia are smooth on the diaphragm while USA stethoscopes have a distinctive line that runs across the diaphragm.

Headband: Austria/Yugoslavian headbands have a longer peg that is one thickness and a narrower band that goes across he top of the head. USA headbands have a shorter, beveled peg and the band that goes across the top of the head is wider.

Reflector: Austria/Yugoslavia reflectors are a darker, shiny, at metallic looking gray and have a distinctive line that goes approximately half way across it. USA reflectors are smooth with no line and their color is a light, dull, flat gray.

Well, I hope you have learned something today! Please referto the pictures, I hope they help! Now, go check your Doctors and make sure you have all the correct parts! If I forgot something or am incorrect on something, PLEASE bring it up! We are here to spread knowledge and help each other out! Till next time.....

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Thank you Ryan!

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