Dentro dos dispensadores PEZ Pals e tal como já referido em outros posts, existem diversas variações de detalhes, as quais fazem as delícias de coleccionadores PEZ que mantém estas antigas séries, como a favorita de sempre. Deixamos aqui as fotos e descrição integral de Ryan Buehler, acerca de alguns Pals... hoje a "Nurse"!

By Ryan Buehler


Let's take a look at some of the unique differences between Austria/Yugoslavia Nurse Pals and USA Nurse Pals! Just like the last post, we will concentrate on these 3 beause they are the most commonly found and if you have a nurse in your collection, chances are it is from one of these 3 countries. Also, we will be just checking out the accessories today (hair and hat) and saving the stems and heads/etc. for another post :).

Hat: On the outside of the hat, the Austria/Yugoslavia hats have a distinct line that runs around the edge of the hat (see photo) while the USA hats are smooth along the edge. On the inside, the peg of the Austria/Yugoslavia hats are smooth and pointed on the end while the USA hat pegs are beveled and flat on the end.

Hair: On the outside of the hair piece, Austria/Yugoslavia hair is smooth in the middle. The USA hair has a distincive line that runs in the middle from the front all the way to the back. On the inside, the Austria/Yugoslavia peg is smooth with a pointed end and the USA peg is beveled with a flat end. Another thing noted on the inside is that on the Austria/Yugoslavia hair it is smooth inside but inside the USA hair, there are 2 bumps/nubs (I don't know what else to call them really, lol) that protrude out on either side of the peg. *If anyone knows what these are, let me know!*

That's about it! If I am forgetting something or am wrong, PLEASE bring it up! Now, go check your Nurses and see if everything is correct! Till next time...

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