Dentro dos dispensadores PEZ Pals e tal como já referido em outros posts, existem diversas variações de detalhes, as quais fazem as delícias de coleccionadores PEZ que mantém estas antigas séries, como a favorita de sempre. Deixamos aqui as fotos e descrição integral de Ryan Buehler, acerca de alguns Pals... hoje o "Police"!

By Ryan Buehler

It's 5.0 time!!

First I'll talk about badges since the difference isn't too obvious and there only seems to be two popular styles.
An Austria or Hong Kong are semi-metallic while the USA is a dull grey. Along with being a dull grey, it also has more detail than the other. The lines above and below the 100 are much more defined and looking straight on, there is a figure that comes further down the oval portion. Other than this, they are very much the same.

Next we'll switch to the hat. USA and Austria are a rich blue, where the HK are a darker blue and sometimes purple. Textures are almost exactly the same and shape is identical from the outside.
Looking inside the hats is where you can see exactly where they are from.
USA will be smooth in the front where the badge comes through.
Austria will have two lines, one on each side of the badge.
HK has four lines, two on each side of the badge
3.9(some) will have the four lines and also will have a female hole instead of the standard peg. The dye used will also be found on the peg on the head which I find interesting and shows just how cheap HK pals were made. Inside these hats are a letter toward the rear of the hat, we are digging into this as we don't know exactly what this means and all that we've seen happen to have a different letter.
"See photos below"

Missing from our gatherings are police that would have came on Yugo IMC V stems, Brazil and Spain.
If anybody would like to share photos of those it would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you Ryan!
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