É com orgulho que o PEZ CLUBE PORTUGAL coloca aqui algumas respostas, de um pequeno inquérito a um dos maiores coleccionadores PEZ americano - Cliff Lee, autor do famoso Projecto PEZCAR

It is with pride that the PEZ CLUBE PORTUGAL put some answers here, from a small inquiry of one of the largest american PEZ collectors -  Cliff Lee, author of the famous PEZCAR Project

How start your collection, from what age and what is the first PEZ dispenser in your collection?
My wife and I saw a puzzle in a greeting card store that had a PEZ collection on it, and thought that the group looked interesting.
We started in 1992. Tweety was the first PEZ we bought.

How many years collect PEZ?
I still collect, so to date that makes 20 years and counting!

How many PEZ Dispensers have in the collection?
I have no idea... Its a moving target. My collection is not formally documented or catalogued. I have three display cases in my living room, and a closet full of PEZ that I don't have on display.
At one point, I created an artcar covered with PEZ, called the PEZCAR. I glued over 1400 PEZ dispensers to the car.
So its hard to say how big my collection is.

You collects only PEZ Dispensers or all products of PEZ Candy Inc.?
Mostly the dispensers. I have a few other non dispenser PEZ related items, but don't actively seek them out.

What PEZ Dispenser is the favourite of your collection?
I have several that are treasures... Not in value, but in what they mean to me. Obviously the first Tweety my wife and I bought is a favorite. I have a Gonzo that is painted gold, and was given to me as the first Pezhead of the year at the 1998 Los Angeles Pezathon convention. I have a blue stem green cab truck that a friend made a sticker of me and placed on the windshield so it looks like I'm driving it!
For me, its not he monetary value, but instead the memories associated with them. Its the stories and personal connections behind the dispensers that makes them favorites.

You have a maximum value of money to give for a PEZ?
I still have a hard time paying big money for PEZ, and that has limited some of the older PEZ that I can have in my collection.
I have bought expensive PEZ, by going to conventions with my extras, selling them, and using that money to high more expensive stuff. So its not cash out of pocket, but instead money parleyed by finding pez that I can resell.

Where you buy PEZ?
Originally to get what was available I bought them at grocery stores, drug stores, Walmart, Target... It wasn't too log until I got caught up with the currents and had to buy elsewhere. In this stage (before the internet/ebay era) my wife and I went to yard sales, and antique / junk shops. This was good because that gives a story behind the find! Also you could find PEZ from a monthly magazine called Toy Shopper (Which is where I found my first vintage!) I bought some of my best Beyond that I bought PEZ at various conventions. Now days, I tend to buy only new dispensers, but hope to get back to a convention some day to add to my vintage collection again. In the meantime, I look for bargains on eBay and Craigslist.

What is the maximum amount you offered for a PEZ dispenser?
The most I've spent was $150 for a red full body robot.
(This was from a random email of someone asking if I would be interested. Scary sending money to complete stranger)

Do you think PEZ Candy Inc. could be more innovative in some PEZ Dispensers repeated characters?
PEZ Candy Inc has really introduced a lot of new PEZ over the last several years. I feel this is due to changes in upper management. So I think they are already more innovative. More than in the early 90's for sure! Many of the PEZ that we spoke about on the PEZHEADS email list have come true!

What PEZ dispenser that does not exist and that you want PEZ Candy Inc, to manufacture one day?
I would like to see interlocking dispensers. You could put them together like puzzle pieces, and when you dispense a candy, you get more than one! Could be fun.

Can you spend a day without thinking about PEZ?
Not really, because my living room has three display cases!

What advice would give a new PEZ collector?
Don't get caught up in the "value" of vintage PEZ, as they can (and have) changed over time. Instead, get the characters that make you smile, and have a story behind each one, and they will be reminders of your adventures!

In addition to PEZ, collect anything else? What?
I collect metal lunch boxes, guitar picks from bands I've seen, Peewee Herman items, Disney Aristocat related items... to name a few.

Thanks Cliff! :-)

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