É com orgulho que o PEZ CLUBE PORTUGAL coloca aqui algumas respostas, de um pequeno inquérito a um dos grandes coleccionadores PEZ belga - Didier Schynts

It is with pride that the PEZ CLUBE PORTUGAL put some answers here, from a small inquiry of one of the greatest belgian PEZ collectors - Didier Schynts

Vuckos Wolves
Foto Ghostwriter Ghosty

How start your collection, from what age and what is the first PEZ dispenser in your collection?
I bought a lot of Pez dispensers .. in a flea market 5 years ago. I remember not the first dispensers sorry

How many years collect PEZ?
I started on 2007 (5 years).

How many PEZ Dispensers have in the collection?
More 1200 i believe.

You collects only PEZ Dispensers or all products of PEZ Candy Inc.?
I collect Pez Dispenser and all products of Pez.

What PEZ Dispenser is the favourite of your collection?
Olympic Vucko Wolves.

You have a maximum value of money to give for a PEZ?
I buy by putting a maximum of 200 euros following the scarcity of Pez Dispensers.
Where you buy PEZ?
Bought on auction sites, shops, convention and other collectors.

What is the maximum amount you offered for a PEZ dispenser?
I offered $550 for an Advertising Regular, and unfortunately I do not win it board.

Do you think PEZ Candy Inc. could be more innovative in some PEZ Dispensers repeated characters?
At the moment there are many dispensers that repeats.

What PEZ dispenser that does not exist and that you want PEZ Candy Inc, to manufacture one day?
Tintin and Hergé whole family.

Can you spend a day without thinking about PEZ?
Yes no problem!

What advice would give a new PEZ collector?
Patience, research and lots of fun ;)

In addition to PEZ, collect anything else? What?
All kinds of objects and especially the advertising enamel signs.

Thanks Didier! :-)

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Marta Faustino disse...

Gostei muito desta forma de dar a conhecer coleccionadores de todo o mundo, muito interessante estas entrevistas. Gosto de colecções no geral, parabéns pelo blog e pelo clube :)


Obrigado Marta! :) Daqui a segundos publico a minha, também mereço ;P

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